Figurative EN-WHY-SEE

Saw three amazing figurative shows yesterday in E. Midtown/UES!

First a great group show on 79th @ Park, About Face, at Adam Baumgold gallery, featuring pieces from the likes of Picasso, Alex Katz, Chuck Close, and newer faces such as John Borowicz, Ruth Marten, and Renee French.

Then we hopped the bus down to the Paul Fenniak show at Forum Gallery (see post below), but first stumbled into the Steven Assael on the 5th floor. Found an interesting interview with him about the show below.

Paul Fenniak's work on the 4th floor, was enrapturing. His compositional narratives added to his impeccable skill make for a great show. A few favorites:

Pins and Needles, 2007, 42" x 48"

Eavesdropper, 2006, 48" x 48"

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