and people think new yorkers aren't nice...

Tisch student, Kacie Kinzer has created the most adorable robot/social experiment you've ever seen. With her "tweenbot" she's tested the kindness of New Yorkers numerous times to see if they will help this cute smiley robot get from point A to point B as he runs into pot holes, gets caught under benches, or just heads the wrong way. So far, we get an A+.



Andy Suzuki and his band, The Method, are finally releasing their debut album! Featuring my favorite tunes, "300 Pianos", "Feathers and Bones", and "Little July" which was rumored to have almost not made the cut! GASP! Andy has an entrancingly clear and melodic voice, beautifully accompanied by himself on piano, Kozza Babumba on drums, and Jason G on the electric violin. The breadth of sound they cover is sure to touch all musical tastes. Not only is this trio lip-bitingly attractive, they're the next big thing flying under the radar, and are sure to be around for a long time.

Stop by the New York City album release party next Friday, May 1st at Sullivan Hall (7:45 pm).


Drum roll please...

ArtBabble was launched today by the Indianapolis Museum of Art! It's the only online site that exclusively caters to art videos, which can often get lost in the chaos of youtube and other sites. So far it has included works from Art:21, the Los Angeles Museum of Art, the MoMA, the San Fransisco MOMA, the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, and the New York Public Library (other than the Indianapolis Museum of course). My Midwest roots are beaming with pride. Let the video searching begin!


Figurative EN-WHY-SEE

Saw three amazing figurative shows yesterday in E. Midtown/UES!

First a great group show on 79th @ Park, About Face, at Adam Baumgold gallery, featuring pieces from the likes of Picasso, Alex Katz, Chuck Close, and newer faces such as John Borowicz, Ruth Marten, and Renee French.

Then we hopped the bus down to the Paul Fenniak show at Forum Gallery (see post below), but first stumbled into the Steven Assael on the 5th floor. Found an interesting interview with him about the show below.

Paul Fenniak's work on the 4th floor, was enrapturing. His compositional narratives added to his impeccable skill make for a great show. A few favorites:

Pins and Needles, 2007, 42" x 48"

Eavesdropper, 2006, 48" x 48"


Hand me my whiskers and crown!

Only this can make me want it to be Fall already.


Paul Fenniak @ Forum Gallery

Incredible painter Paul Fenniak has a show up at
Forum Gallery (745 Fifth Avenue 5th Fl.) until April 11th!

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